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dw d&r

January 2011




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Jan. 19th, 2011

dw d&r

Trip to Greece so far...

I've been in Athens since yesterday noon. I'm currently at my mom's sister's place but will be departing for my dad's village/town Erateini tomorow morning. This will possibly be the last time till the 23rd that I'll have use of the internet since it's not as accessible in Erateini. 

The weather in Athens is thankfully pretty good, I'm in long sleeves and warm blankets are needed at night but during the day it's around 15-17 celcius and lately very sunny. I took a long walk outside today and got to know the sun again....Not  exactly missing Canadian weather right now. 

The thing that I'm still worried about is the fact that heating systems here are minimal if  not non-existent and places outside of Athens, like Erateini, can get some pretty brutal weather. Winter here is green but can have non stop cold rain with snow in the mountains. Basically I'll be looking forward to sleeping in front of  my uncle's oldschool  fireplace. 

I'll be taking some pics and when I get back and I'll post them here or on photobucket... 

Jan. 17th, 2011

habs eleven dalek

RL and stuff...

It has been busy  for me lately mostly with planning a last minute trip for my dad and I. Tomorrow  I'll be leaving the country for the next nine days or so for the lovely but not so warm country right now of Greece. I'm not kidding about the weather...Did you guys know there is skiing at this time of year in some parts? 

My mom has decided that it's time to renovate the kitchen and the washroom so my dad has decided to run away visit his brothers in Greece.  My dad does not like renovations nor the choices and the stress that go with. He has given the green light and his blessing to my mom and has asked me to help him travel with my travel passes. My dad can use my airline passes without me but when traveling with me his stand-by is a higher priority.

 I was looking foward to getting some sun for those days off but I had a hard time saying no.  According to him he already had a 'miserable experience', my mom took him with her to pick the cabinet colours XD, and will not cope well if he has to do anything else.
Basically the mini vacation to the south will have to take a rain check. My dad will owe me but he did promise me some hiking in the mountains and some serious shopping...

Jan. 1st, 2011

dw d&r

Happy New Year!!!

I'm so happy,  the beginning of my month and year is off to a good start. I'm not a fan of  uneven numbers (It's just not esthetically pleasing to my eyes, ok :P) but I'm giving 2011 a chance. I ended up working on New Year as planned!
In London till tomorrow morning. I spent the day on Carnaby and Oxford where my wallet took a beating. In my defense everything was just too British and cute to resist. shinyopals and co, your capital is just that awesome, I couldn't get enough of the Christmas lights.

Will be going to bed soon, my eyes feel like sand paper and my legs are halfway to jelly.

Dec. 25th, 2010

dw d&r


Just came in from an L.A.-Toronto. If anyone is wondering about Santa, let's just say that the weather up there was perfect for travelling. Also
They aren't the only ones keeping tabs on the big guy, traffic control was giving us updates as well...Collapse )

Tomorrow has me doing a Halifax red eye, this means no travelling back to Montreal for Christmas. Still, I'm actually planning on enjoying my day!  One of my roommates will be here and there will be  gifts to open.
I've got TVD and Nikita to catch up and some DW Christmas specials to rewatch. Also lots and lots of food and sweets!  :D :D :D

I hope everybody gets to enjoy the day the best way they can no matter what the circumstances!

And now something to annoy enjoy! 



Dec. 20th, 2010

dw d&r

No Hot Dogs Were Harmed In This Shot

Dec. 14th, 2010

dw d&r

One Of The Many Flight Attendants Stuck On The East Coast and OMG I Finally Posted, sorta...

In Newfoundland for an extra day due to the cancellation of my Toronto flight via St-John's-Halifax-Montreal.
I'm glad I didn't have to land in Halifax because of the strong winds but now I'm forced to find some mindless entertainment.

  Youtube is truly magical...

Oct. 31st, 2010

dw d&r



Sep. 30th, 2010

dw d&r


Dear RL,

 Stop it, no really stop it. I get that sometimes things at work need to suck but you need to cut me some slack here! 
 My days and nights feel like tired blurry messes. It feels like I have some sort of energy deficiency or at the very least an iron one.
 I know that lately I'm dealing with longer pairings and shorter layovers and my energy needs to go into them but what about my down time!? 
I'd really like some energy for my social and internet life. You know like seeing friends and hanging out on Lj. I know I've got days off but you've got them filled with ant infestations, late bills, faulty cells, renovation issues, doctor's appointments and bloody computer viruses!

Just sayin'                          


Sep. 17th, 2010

dw d&r

Takes back LJ and internets!

OMFG, I have contact!

I finally fixed my netbook aka BabyRed and I'm back!
*Begins reading entries and updates of Flist* 

In the mean time....

Enjoy some Old Spice, Ten's way!Collapse )

Aug. 22nd, 2010

dw d&r

Ghost stories are only fun if you don't have to spend the night alone...

In Halifax right now trying to fall asleep...

Basically, never tell ghost stories about a layover hotel if said layover hotel is the one you are spending the night in. I don't believe in ghosts or anything *ahem* but my overactive imagination is not cooperating. *looks around the room nervously *

I really could use a sonic screwdriver right now!

I hope to have enough time to check out my flist's updates by tomorrow's end.

*Goes back under the covers*

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